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The worlds most technologically advanced hearing aid was born from a fathers promise to his hearing impaired daughter. This promise embarked Sam Thomasson on a journey that became Zounds. Sam’s determination to build the perfect hearing aid produced 57 patents, and solved the most common complaints of hearing aid users. Eliminating background noise, improving sound quality, reducing feedback and much more. The quality of the Zounds hearing aid comes at a fraction of the price of other comparable hearing aids. No other hearing aids provide better performance for the price. Also enjoy the convenience of rechargeable batteries and a remote control among other unique features.

Experience the Zounds Difference

Hear for yourself how Zounds compares to the leading high-end hearing aid in different virtual environments. 

The Zounds Difference

Our 3 Point Promise: Performance, Product and Price.

When you purchase a Zounds hearing device, you can feel confident that the performance of your hearing aid will deliver amazing clarity, and is specifically programmed to match your unique hearing loss. All of our products offer exclusive features and breakthrough technologies at prices that provide exceptional value.